Service / Support

At Matec, we pride ourselves on the quality and responsiveness of our service and support to our customers. Our team of highly trained engineers and technicians is ready to provide you with the timely and expert service and support that you expect.

Installation and startup

We design all of our systems at our Northborough, MA facility. Our systems are constructed in Northborough or our West Coast facility. The systems are tested for compliance with requirements and then shipped to the customer site. At the customer site, our team of qualified engineers and technicians installs and laser aligns the system, and calibrates it to the exacting standards required.


We provide a full range of on-site classroom and system training services necessary to operate and maintain the ultrasonic scanning system. Our maintenance training program includes an overview of preventive and maintenance tasks for all mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, computer, and water systems. We also include detailed hands-on training for common maintenance procedures. Operational training is tailored to your specific scanning requirements. We work with your operations staff to ensure a thorough understanding of ultrasonics and the detailed step-by-step procedures for setting up and running scans, and analyzing and interpreting scan results.

Instrument calibration

Our calibration department offers on-site or in-house instrument calibration services. Instruments are calibrated to ASTM E317 or other applicable standards. Our internal quality control procedures ensure that calibrated instruments conform to specifications, and our records include traceability information where required. Contact us today to schedule your next calibration or let us work with you to provide an advance reminder of your upcoming calibration needs.

Repair services

Our customer service team is responsible for technical support, repairs, returns, and spare parts. Customer requests for information or service are handled as quickly as possible, often immediately. We understand the importance of keeping your downtime to a minimum and are committed to getting you back online as quickly as possible. We respond to all service calls promptly, and use remote support tools to monitor your system in real time over the internet and diagnose and troubleshoot system issues. Emergency service calls are typically handled within 24 – 48 hours of notification.

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